Subaru service and repair you can count on in North Denver, by a Certified Master Subaru Technician

RetroRoo specializes in engines, but that is not all we do!  Here is a sample of just some of the services we can offer you for your beloved Subie.

  • Rebuilt High Performance Subaru Engines
  • Engine Conversions for older GL series vehicles
  • Weber Carb Conversions and Rebuilds
  • 15,000, 30,000, 60,000, and 105,000 mile regular services and tune ups.
  • Timing Belt replacement at 105,000 miles or when needed
  • Buyers Agent Services
  • Axles and Strut service
  • New and Used Subaru Parts

Call (720) 440-1662 today to schedule your Subaru service or repair.