RetroRoo of North Denver sells rebuilt FWE Subaru Axles, crafted in the US, by a specialist with more than 20 years of experience!

One of the most popular products sold at RetroRoo are the FWE Rebuilt Subaru Axles.  These axles are crafted in house by a specialist with over 20 years of experience rebuilding Subaru axles. He builds a quality product, using only quality parts, and attention to detail at every step, starting with an original Subaru axle and rebuilding it to original, or better, specs. Quality cages, grease, boots, bands, and bearings are installed to insure a long lasting product that you can be proud to install in your car. We install them in our customer’s vehicles as well as our own, and are proud to do so.  

It is important to remember that these axles are not rebuilt in a manufacturing facility in China! In today’s tough economic times, it’s refreshing to be able to purchase a product that is crafted in the United States. Most of the axles you can buy at your local parts store are rebuilt or manufactured in China.  

It doesn’t matter which axle you need, we can supply you with the best in the business, it doesn’t matter if you need one for your 1982 Subaru Brat, your 1998 Outback, or your Impreza WRX. If it’s a Subaru axle we can build it!

These axles don’t feature lifetime guarantees or crazy promises. Like all moving parts on a car, they wear and will eventually need replacing, but when you want the best quality from day one, you want an FWE rebuilt axle. A one year, unlimited mile warranty does cover every axle from FWE, but you can feel confident that even after one year, if you split a boot it is probably worth replacing the boot, not the entire axle.  This is more than we can say for the other available products!

Not located in the Denver Colorado area? No problem, we can ship axles just about anywhere in the US.